FnT Coffee House is a small café with a world of choice. Our café, was established as part of our boarding, grooming, day-care, training & pet socialising services, to create a friendly environment for pets and humans alike. Our café boasts an incredible menu for both humans & dogs. We also offer a wide range of freshly baked cakes & treats.

We try and cater for every human, and pets needs, and thus we offer menu items for vegetarians, as well as special foods for dogs that require it as part of their diet.

Our history

Niki Elliott, the brains behind the incredible Fluffs-n-Tufts company, started her career in baking, which, over time grew into a full-service catering company. As time passed, Niki’s love for animals continued to grow to the point where she noticed a unique niche in the market. Thus, fluffs-n-Tufts was born.

Once the pet services we fully established, Niki again found another niche; Having a space for humans to have great wholesome, and heathy food, while having the freedom to bring their dog along to interact with other dogs, as well as play in out state-of-the-art play area. 

This is how the FnT Coffee House was born. It is a café that has its roots set firmly in the happiness of humans, and pets.

Our chefs

Niki, has personally trained our two resident chefs, Sharon, and Rosie, to make use of the best quality fresh fruits & vegetables, and to have to freedom to experiment with new and exciting recipes. Feel free to ask them what new treat they have come up with, you never know, you might just get to try it yourself.